Under Job’s Skin

2016 - Gracie Malone

When illness, loss of job, family calamity or other trial threatens your peace and stability, how do you cope? What do you believe? Does anyone understand your pain…despair…grief…hopelessness?

Gracie contracted the same illness the patriarch Job suffered. In this little life-giving book, you can read her story and learn what gave her hope and healed her heart. Her story will bring you comfort, and help you comfort others in desperate circumstances.
The secret to daily endurance amidst despair and dark times is here.


2015 - Gracie Malone

Do you know the most repeated imperative in the Bible? It is a simple word of encouragement: “Do not be afraid.” Gracie found over 400 such verses in the Bible — enough for a 365 Day Devotional. In Unafraid, she not only reveals a verse for each day, but also biblical solutions for our anxious and troubled hearts. Look for Unafraid in Christian Book Stores, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Kindle.

Life Upside Down

2015 - Gracie Malone

Who wants to live their already complicated lives from a place that’s upside down? Only those who know that sometimes things that seem right-side-up are not upright, and at other times what seems down is really the way up. Take for example some of the truths you have heard from the Bible—you will find strength in weakness, we find joy in tribulations, do not give to get but get to give, become exalted by humility, and in dying find eternal life. Gracie writes about twelve upside down truths in this helpful book. A series of questions follow each chapter making suitable for women’s Bible studies or discussion groups. Life Upside Down is a recent rewrite of her 1997 work LifeOvers.

Off My Rocker

2011 - Gracie Malone

Off My Rocker—Grandparenting Ain’t What it Used to Be is filled with light-hearted lessons that will help make your grandparenting experience more rewarding! Who doesn’t want to be a “great” grandparent?–this book gives you clues on everything from wearing the new title to nurturing, understanding, and even correcting your grandchild. It contains practical ideas and resources, enjoyable poems and quotes, and lots of wisdom and wit from the mouths of babes. You probably won’t find today’s grandmother rocking on the porch. She’s busier than ever while engaged with her own active families in today’s world. “Off My Rocker” even includes a chapter on stepfamilies.

Off My Rocker – Journal

2011 - Gracie Malone

Stories happen at the most unexpected moments. The only way you will remember them is to write them down. You don’t have to be an author or even a writer to jot down stories. Just tell the tale, save the moment, capture the joy and leave behind a living legacy of precious moments. This journal can be used to savor your special memories or journal your quiet times alone.


2007 - Gracie Malone

LifeOvers helps women develop a more intimate relationship with God. In this book, Gracie encourages women to look at Christ in a new way. When He taught it was in paradoxes and riddles that always ended in unexpected ways—just like life tends to do. Jesus’s teachings challenge us to live life in ways that seem completely upside down to what society tells us to pursue. In this twelve-week journey through the teachings of Jesus, Gracie guides women, either individually or in small groups, into a deeper understanding of a God who is control even when it doesn’t feel like it. With Gracie’s powerful writing readers will discover that through this new outlook they get a chance to do life as God intends as well as in ways that bring amazing grace and abundant joy.

Kisses of Sunshine for Grandmas

2005 - Gracie Malone

Kisses of Sunshine for Grandmas is co-authored by Carol Kent and has stories from all sides of the grandparenting spectrum–from sweet and sentimental birth stories, to how to grandparent a stepchild, to handling the caregiver generational squeeze, to being a granddaughter. Reading this book is like being invited to visit with a big, garrulous, funny, warm, and welcoming clan.

Still Making Waves

2005 - Gracie Malone

Still Making Waves — Creating A Splash In Midlife & Beyond Gracie is determined to live the second half of life “like a firecracker, wearing scarlet and purple”. In this encouraging book she will show you how to do the same. Gracie’s stories are thought-provoking, insightful, and full of childlike wonder and ideas on how to carve new dreams then live them to their fullest. Readers are sure to recognize themselves with a laugh and a sigh of relief and find a healthy dose of Christ-centered self-esteem that will revive emotional batteries and renew spiritual growth. Don’t simply “grow old gracefully”—stay young at heart. Stop treading water and start making waves.